Through my writing I have found a way to communicate with people about topics that I feel need exposure,

including mental health, multiracialism, environmental sustainability, unconventional travel, and humanity's insatiable search for truth. 

What would life be like without the joys of singing, dancing and storytelling?  For me it would be painfully unbearable!
So, in order to save myself and others from the potential non-existence that results from boredom, I indulge in reading and writing fiction and creative non-fiction.

Reader. Writer. Traveller. Collector of Ancient Words. Mental Health Activist.

This website is dedicated to my professional career as a writer. From writing ghost stories when I was six, to starting a journal at age nine, jotting down limericks to express the anxieties of female puberty, taking part in eisteddfods when I was thirteen, to beginning my career as a freelance writer for hire... Writing continues to be an indispensable part of my life.